6d Ethics


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6d Ethics
  1. Codes of Conducts
    1. Laws can cover issues such as copyright, data etc
      1. Codes of conduct are a voluntary extension to existing laws, defining how indivudals should conduct themselves using IT
        1. Usually related to ethical and moral issues.
      2. Not defined in law so has no legal standing
        1. People who sign up are subject to organisations disciplinary procedures
        2. Reasons
          1. Set boundaries on what can be done using ICT
            1. Limits on what www can be used for
              1. Not using company computers for personal / install software for personal use
                1. Limit on private emails
                2. Set out expectations of what is and isn't acceptable behaviour. Employee can't plead ignorance when disciplined
                  1. Not using emails to flirt/ bully/ gossip or IT to access adult/ violent material
                  2. Set out right and responsibility. Employees feel values and know expectations. Employers take employees seriously
                    1. Employees: Keeping passwords private, regularly delete old files to save storage
                      1. Right to see emails written about them by others
                        1. Employers: Provide training courses and regularly audit health and safety of equiment
                        2. Set out disciplinary procedures e.g. warnings, pay reduction, demotion or suspension
                          1. Gives organisation good image in industry. Impresses customers and investors
                            1. Set out minimum competence levels for employees. Employees must be trained to maintain good quality work
                              1. Set standards of confidentiality. Sensitive information doesn't go outside organisation.
                                1. Employee doesn't talk about take over bid with friends/ family
                              2. British Computer Society (BCS) Code of conduct
                                1. Covers general responsibilities
                                  1. Public Interest: Respect for health and safety and the environment
                                    1. Duty to relevant authority: Respect for employer or client. Being diligent and using professional judgement. Avoiding conflicts and protecting confidential iformation
                                      1. Duty to profession: Behaving professionally in industry and with other members. Promoting ICT and supporting other users of ICT. Taking care with public statements
                                        1. Professional Competence: Be regularly updates on ICT knowledge and skills. Only claim level of competence they have. Taking responsibility for work of subordiates
                                        2. ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
                                          1. Covers American people
                                            1. General Moral Imperatives: Contributing to society, avoiding harm. Being honest, fair and confidential. Respecting copyrights and intellectual property
                                              1. More Specific Professional Responsibilities: Respecting laws. Working with high quality and competence. Respecting contracts. No unauthorised access.
                                                1. Organisation Leadership Imperatives: Communicate social responsibilities to staff. Manage staff and resources efficiently. Express requirements of users when building a system. Proper training. Support policies protecting people using computers.
                                                  1. Compliance with code: Uphold and promote code, discipline violations of code
                                                  2. Discussing ethics
                                                    1. Advantages
                                                      1. O- May attract customers with good behaviour, hoesty and quality
                                                        1. O- Career development, financial incentives and recognition of experience from being within an IT society
                                                        2. Disadvantages
                                                          1. X- May have competitive disadvantage due to restrictions
                                                            1. X- May not like/ see the need of new code
                                                              1. X- Monitoring may incourage lack of trust
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