Causes of Climate Change

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1 Natural
1.1 Variations in the earths orbit
1.1.1 Stretch- earth's orbit around the sun changes from circle to ellipse so the sun is further away from the earth
1.1.2 Tilt- on the earths axis between 21.8 and 24.4 changes the amount of energy the earth receives from the sun
1.1.3 Wobble- means the seasons will swap over this a cycle of 22,000 years
1.2 Variations in the solar output- Sunspots are darker areas on the sun that increase solar energy output increase and decrease over 11 years
1.3 Meteor impacts- Throw up huge amounts of material into the atmosphere this can block out sunlight for months or years changing the climate
1.4 Volcanic Eruptions- eject large amounts of material into the atmosphere
2 Human
2.1 Enhanced greenhouse gas emissions- Gases absorb outgoing energy so less is lost in space keeping the planet warm but too much energy can cause the earth to warm up increased since the industrial revolution
2.2 Destruction of natural CO2 sinks- keep CO2 out the atmosphere. Plants take in CO2.

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