Anne Frank

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Created by maddieisproductive over 6 years ago
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Anne Frank
1 Pacifist beliefs
1.1 'In spite of everything I still believe that everyone is good at heart I can't build up my hopes on a foundation of confusion, misery and death'
1.2 Despite the discrimination Anne faced as a jew she never wished for revenge
1.3 She still believed everyone is good at heart
1.4 She believed in nonviolence and the goodness of people
2 Key events
2.1 Her family went into hiding 1942
2.2 She lived in a secret annex for two years
2.3 They were captured in August 1944
2.4 Anne died in March 1945 in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp
2.5 In July 1942 the Van Pels (Van Dan) family joined them
2.6 Mr Dussel joined them in November 1942
2.7 It is believed that the theif that heard the family in the annex is the one that told the Nazis of their location
3 Information
3.1 Anne Frank was a Jewish girl growing up during Nazi rule
3.2 She was 13 and had a 16 year old sister Margot
3.3 Her parents wer Otto and Edith Frank
3.4 She kept a diary detailing her life in Nazi rule and in a secret annex
3.5 She hid with her family and another family in a secret annex above her father's work place
3.6 They were forced into hiding after her sister received notice that she would be sent to a camp
3.7 She was born in Germany but moved to Amsterdam in 1933
4 Why are her beliefs important?
4.1 Despite Anne being the one suffering discrimination she was forgiving
4.1.1 It helps to remind people revenge isn't the answer
4.2 She was never blinded by suffering or self pitying this remind people to do the same

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