1.1 Introduction to Cells

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1.1 Introduction to Cells
1 Application
1.1 Paramecium vs Chlorella
2 Nature of Science
2.1 Looking for trends + discrepancies
2.1.1 Cell theory All organisms are composed of one or more cells Becoming multicellular Surface area to volume ratio Emergent properties Differentiation Stem cells Therapeutic use International mindeness National governments are influenced by local, cultural and religious traditions that impact on the work of scientists and the use of stem cells in therapy Aim 8 Ethical issues Umbilical cord Adult`s own tissues Stem cell research has depended on the work of teams of scientists in many countries who share results thereby speeding up the rate of progress Application Treat Stargardt’s disease Cells are the smallest unit of life Microscope Magnification = Size of image size of object Drawing a cell Scale bar 1cm = 10mm = 10 000um 1um = 0.001mm = 0.1cm A cell can perform all the functions of life Metabolism Growth Response or Sensitivity Homeostasis Nutrition Reproduction Excretion Cells can only come from pre-existing cells Exceptions Aseptate fungal hyphae Striated muscle Giant algae Red blood cell
3.1 Living and non-living environment
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