Physics - Reflection, Refraction, Diffraction

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Physics - Reflection, Refraction, Diffraction
1 Reflection
1.1 The image in a plane mirror is virtual, upright and laterally inverted
1.2 Angle of reflection = Angle of incidence
1.3 The 'normal' is a construction line perpendicular to the reflecting surface at the point of incidence
1.4 Rough surfaces scatter sound and light in all directions
1.5 Smooth surfaces produce strong echoes when sound waves hit them, and they can act as mirrors when light waves hit them
2 Refraction
2.1 Bending of waves
2.2 When light travels through another medium, the waves are slowed down or sped up, therefore bending it
2.2.1 The speed of the waves are changed Slows down = bent towards normal speeds up = bent away from normal
2.3 The ray goes at an angle towards the normal
2.4 Doesn't happen if the waves enter the medium at an angle of 90° (the normal)
2.4.1 They carry straight on
2.5 Angle of refraction < Angle of Incidence
3 Diffraction
3.1 The spreading out of waves when reaching (going through) a gap
3.2 The extent of the spreading depends on how the width of the gap compares to the wavelength of the waves
3.2.1 Significant diffraction only happens when the wavelength is of the same order of magnitude as the gap
3.3 A gap similar to the wavelength causes a lot of spreading with no sharp shadow
3.3.1 E.g. Sound through a doorway
3.4 A gap much larger than the wavelength causes little spreading and a sharp shadow
3.4.1 E.g. Light through a doorway
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