Talking about the future in English


How to talk about the future in English
Carmen Miralles
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Talking about the future in English
    1. Having evidence
      1. BE GOING TO
        1. There are black clouds. It is going to rain.
      2. Possibility
        1. MAY
          1. MIGHT
            1. It may rain tomorrow.
          2. Having no evidence
            1. WILL
              1. We will have a good time next week.
          3. PLANS
            1. Previous decision
              1. Intentions
                1. BE GOING TO
                  1. We are going to watch a film tonight
                2. Arrangements
                  1. Present Continuous
                    1. I am meeting Jane at 6.
                      1. ALSO to ask about plans
                        1. What are you doing next weekend?
                  2. Wills and promises
                    1. WILL
                      1. I'll do it tomorrow. I promise.
                    2. Spontaneous decisions
                      1. WILL
                        1. Wait! I'll help you.
                    3. Timetable Future
                      1. Simple Present
                        1. The train leaves at 8.
                      2. Certain Future
                        1. Future Continuous
                          1. At 23.00, I'll be sleeping
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