Health and Safety

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GCSE GCSE ICT Mind Map on Health and Safety, created by JThornton on 05/13/2013.

Created by JThornton over 6 years ago
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Health and Safety
1 ergonomic
1.1 the design of equipment to increase the efficiency of the way it's used by the human body to promote the health of the user
2 Discuss the possible causes for the increase in the number of accidents involving computers.
2.1 The use of wireless Internet and equipment is on the increase. Do you think this will have an effect on the number of accidents that occur?
2.1.1 Yes because people can compute in more places so there's more places for accidents to occur so therefore wireless computing is a factor
2.2 Can the increase be explained by more computers in people’s homes?
2.2.1 Yes more people have computing devices so the percentage of accident may no increase but the number has
2.2.2 No Just because people have computing devices doesn't mean there's more accidents

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