Ahmed Cannot Run

rania khalil
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rania khalil
Created by rania khalil over 2 years ago
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Ahmed Cannot Run
1 Anatomy of the foot and ankle joint
2 Muscle Weakness
2.1 causes
2.1.1 infection poliovirus
2.1.2 neurological Demyelinating disorders: Guillain-Barré syndrome
2.1.3 medications Statins corticosteroids
2.1.4 Electrolyte imbalances
2.1.5 Genetics Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy DMD is a severe progressive X-linked inherited disease characterized by progressive degeneration of the skeletal muscle especially those of the shoulder and pelvic griddle. Its characteristic clinical features are: –Progressive weakness –Intellectual impairment –Hypertrophy of the calves –Proliferation of connective tissue in muscle progression Complications cardiac orthopedic infectious investigations serum creatine kinase electromyography thyroid function test Western Blot Muscle Biopsy Management Physical and occupational therapy PHARAMACOLOGICAL Steroids Creatine monohydrate supplementation muscular dystrophies
2.1.6 Metabolic
2.2 history taking
2.2.1 age
2.2.2 gender
2.2.3 family history
2.2.4 history of medication
2.3 Muscle strength Scale
2.4 Physical Examination
2.4.1 Palpation: Skin Temperature Joints Tendons Ligaments
2.4.2 Introduction & Consent HEPA
2.4.3 Inspection SSSP
2.4.4 move: dorsiflexion, plantar flexion, inversion, eversion, and flexion of great toe Inversion and Eversion stress test Thompson’s test for tendoachillies rupture Tests for Morton’s metatarsalgia
2.5 neurological examination
2.5.1 General inspection
2.5.2 sensation
2.5.3 Power
2.5.4 Reflexes
2.5.5 Tone
2.5.6 Coordination
2.5.7 pain and temperature
2.5.8 Gait Gait Cycle abnormal gaits Trendelenburg gait antalgic gait Ataxic gait Steppage gait Hip hiking