Kamikaze - Beatrice Garland

Samira Choudhury
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GCSE English (Poetry) Mind Map on Kamikaze - Beatrice Garland, created by Samira Choudhury on 04/24/2017.

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Kamikaze - Beatrice Garland
1 'Powerful incantations' - Brainwashed
2 Free verse
3 Social pressure
4 'Like a huge flag' - Patriotism for country, reminder
5 'Embarked' - Verb, positive, willing
6 'One-way journey into history' - Metaphor, not meant to return, motivation, will be remembered
7 Italics - Quotations
8 Kamikaze pilots in WW2
9 'Must have' - Modal verb, doesn't really know, making excuses, unsure
10 'Shoals of fishes flashing silver as their bellies swivelled towards the sun' - Sibilance, sound of sea, calm atmosphere
11 Enjambment - Out of control
12 7 regular stanzas - Strict routine
13 'Only we children still chattered and laughed' - Innocent, not brainwashed, don't understand
14 'Brothers [...] built cairns of pearl-grey pebbles [...] breakers bringing their father's boat' - Plosive alliteration, power of past, family
15 'Treated him as though he no longer existed' - Shouldn't have returned, shame on family, judged
16 'Yes, grandfather's boat' - Remembered, told children about him, still loves him, wants them to know
17 'Mother never spoke again' 'Nor did she meet his eyes - Shame, ashamed of him
18 'Till gradually we too learnt to keep silent' - Understand, still love him
19 'No longer the father we loved' - Taught
20 'He must have wondered which had been the better way to die' - Dead to family, social death, no love, in plane or at home
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