Tissue - Imtiaz Dharker


GCSE English (Poetry) Mind Map on Tissue - Imtiaz Dharker, created by Samira Choudhury on 04/26/2017.
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Samira Choudhury
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Tissue - Imtiaz Dharker
  1. 'Who was born to whom' 'Who died where' - Life is on paper, rely on paper (something fragile)
    1. Multiculturalism, born in Pakistan, grew up in Scotland
      1. 'Paper thinned by age' - Wears away, like skin, built in layers
        1. 'Marks' 'Roads' - Metaphor, blemishes on skin, map
          1. 'Smoothed' 'Stroked' - Verbs, delicacy, fragility, looked over by many people
            1. 'Names and histories' - All recorded on paper
              1. 'Fine slips form grocery shops' - Receipts, everything's recorded
                1. 'Paper' - Noun, first word, thins, versatile
                  1. 'Well-used books' - Paper's important, knowledge
                    1. 'Alter' - Verb, powerful
                      1. 'How easily they fall away on a sigh' - Temporary, lost, sad how human life is fragile
                        1. 'Fly our lives like paper kites' - Simile, controls our lives, money, freedom, fragile
                          1. 'Koran' - Religion, been around for years, lots of pages/layers
                            1. 'Drift' 'Shift' - Verb, light, blown apart, taken away
                              1. 'Transparent' - Adjective, can be seen through
                                1. 'Light shine' - Allows things to be seen
                                  1. Free verse - Conversational, personal thought flow
                                    1. 'Layer over layer' - Everything built in layers, skin and paper layers
                                      1. Extended metaphor
                                        1. 4 line stanzas - Built in layers
                                          1. Paper in different sizes/colors like people
                                            1. Irregular stanzas - Irregular life
                                              1. Unclear poetic voice
                                                1. Inner conflict of poet
                                                  1. No straight forward interpretation
                                                    1. 'Thinned' - Repetition at end about skin/humans, don't last like paper
                                                      1. 'Luminous' - Adjective, repetition of light
                                                        1. 'Raised a structure never made to last' - God never made us to last
                                                          1. 'Daylight break through capitals' - Light will outlast all, last thing left in world
                                                            1. 'Turned into your skin' - Direct address, stern
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