The Emigree - Carol Rumens

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GCSE English (Poetry) Mind Map on The Emigree - Carol Rumens, created by Samira Choudhury on 04/26/2017.

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The Emigree - Carol Rumens
1 'November' - Oxymoron, contrast, darker, month she left, negative
2 'Once was' - Story, loss, no longer
3 No regular rhyme or rhythm - Irregular life, change
4 'Sick' - Personification of country, war
5 '...' - Remembering
6 Born in South London
7 'Paperweight' - Noun, metaphor, grounded, memories are solid but also fagile
8 'Branded' - Metaphor, marked
9 'Banned by the state' - Can't speak own language
10 First person
11 'I am told' - Someone else telling her
12 'Sunlight-clear' - Memory is bright, clear, happy
13 'White' 'Graceful' 'Glow' - Adjectives, verb, pure, alliteration
14 'Sunlight' - Repetition, dream-like
15 'Time rolls its tanks' - Personification, time is an enemy, time moving on, war imagery
16 'Close like waves' - Feels close to country, ocean between her
17 'Child's vocabulary' - Own language, what she was taught, bought up with
18 'Like a hollow doll' - Simile, identity hidden inside
19 'Coloured molecule' - Language is precious
20 'Spills a grammar' - Language comes out, uncontrollable
21 'Can't get it off my tongue' - Fitted on her, mother tongue, always with her
22 'It tastes of sunlight' - Treasured, language reminds her of country
23 'I have no passport' - Unable to go back, hopeless
24 'No way back' - Trapped
25 'White plane' - Speakers emotions, memories
26 '.' - Trapped, stopped
27 'My city' - Hers, always with her
28 'Comb its hair and love its shining eyes' - Personification, loves own country, cares for it, memory shines like eyes
29 'Sunlight' - Ends on memories, won't let go
30 'Through the city of walls' - Memories break her out, restricted in new city
31 'My city takes me dancing' - Personification, noun, free, city memories
32 'Their' - Not hers
33 'Free city' - Irony, not free
34 'My city hides behind me' - Past hidden from others
35 'Mutter death' - New city will destroy her city
36 'Accuse me of being dark' - Not accepted
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