Product design - Plastics and metals

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Product design - Plastics and metals
1 Plastics
1.1 Thermoplastics
1.1.1 Acrylic wall paints contact lenses
1.1.2 polyethylene Gallon milk jugs lawn chairs Garbage cans
1.1.3 polypropylene dishes automobile parts hospital tools
1.1.4 polystyrene bottle caps blister packages egg cartons
1.2 Thermosets
1.2.1 Epoxy resin
1.2.2 melamine formaldehyde electrical insulation Table ware
1.2.3 polyester resin
1.3 Elastomers
1.3.1 Natural rubber
1.3.2 footware
1.3.3 seals
2 Metals
2.1 Non Ferrous
2.1.1 Non ferrous alloys Brass Zinc + Copper Brone Copper + Tin Duralumin Aluminium + copper + Magnesium + Maganese
2.1.2 Aluminium Hematite, The most common metal ore in the earths crust
2.1.3 Tin Cassiterite
2.1.4 Gold Gold The only metal which is usable straight from its ore
2.1.5 Titanium
2.1.6 Zinc Zinc Blend
2.1.7 Silver Silver ore
2.1.8 Copper chalcopyrite
2.1.9 Lead Galena
2.2 ferrous
2.2.1 ferrous Alloys stainless steel Iron + Carbon + chromium High speed steel Molybdenum + Vanadium + Tungsten + Carbon Die steel
2.2.2 Cast iron Man hole covers Door steps Drain pipes
2.2.3 Steels Mild steel Pipes Armours Chains and hinges High carbon steel Tools and Dies Medium carbon steel Car components, Gears, Crank shafts
2.3 Iron
2.3.1 Magnetite, Heamatite

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