Bayonet Charge - Ted Hughes

Samira Choudhury
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GCSE English (Poetry) Mind Map on Bayonet Charge - Ted Hughes, created by Samira Choudhury on 04/27/2017.

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Bayonet Charge - Ted Hughes
1 'Stumbling' - Adjective, desperate, panic, lack of control
2 'Green hedge' - Noun, repetition, metaphor, goal, safety, hope
3 Free verse, no regular rhythm or rhyme - Unexpected, no structure to soldier's thoughts
4 'Smacking the belly out the air' - Personification, impact, violent, winded
5 'Running - raw' - Alliteration, danger, panic, sore legs
6 3 stanzas - Short, happens fast
7 'He lugged a rifle numb as a smashed arm' - Simile, unable to use, useless as a broken arm, weighted down, doesn't help
8 ''Dazzled with rifle fire' - Bullets shining, blur to soldier
9 'Patriotic tear that had brimmed in his eye' - Metaphor, love for country washing away
10 'In raw-seamed hot khaki, his sweat heavy' - Repetition, uncomfortable, rough fabric rubbing, alliteration, 'h' hard breathing, out of breath
11 'Suddenly' - Adverb, urgency, dropped in
12 Represents all soldiers
13 'Sweating like molten iron' - Simile, hot sweat, fatigue
14 Internal conflict
15 '-' - Reflecting, thinking
16 'Clockwork' - Adjective, trying to work out why he's here, how long has he been there?
17 'In bewilderment then he almost stopped' - Couldn't actually stop, why is he here?
18 'Statuary in mid-stride.' - Stopped, statue, full stop, pause
19 'Jumped up in the dark and runs' - Clueless, no clear direction, woke up in the dark, confused
20 'Was he the hand pointing that second?' - Rhetorical question, time stopped completely, just him in that second
21 'Shot-slashed' - Alliteration, harsh, speeds up
22 1st stanza - Action, 2nd stanza - Slows down, thinking, longer lines
23 Influenced heavily by Wilfred Owen
24 'Yellow hare that rolled like a flame' - Simile, nature, other victims
25 'Crawled in a threshing circle' - Verbs, desperate
26 'King, honour, human, etcetera' - Rule of three, doesn't matter, no time to think
27 'Its eyes standing out' - Fear, asking for help, it, not alive
28 'Plunged past' - Alliteration
29 'Dropped like luxuries' - All about survival, doesn't care
30 'Alarm' - Noun, woken up
31 'Blue crackling air' - Smoke, gun fire, sad
32 'His terror's touchy dynamite' - Metaphor, explode at any minute
33 WW1
34 'Bayonet' - Used as last resort
35 Father was war Veteran
36 37 million war casualties
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