AS level English (poems of the decade) Mind Map on MATERIAL, created by Zoe Rossall on 04/30/2017.
Zoe Rossall
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Zoe Rossall
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Resource summary

    1. extended metaphor
      1. 'my mother was the hanky queen'
        1. Highlights the admiration of her mother
          1. anaphoric reference
            1. 'handy packs are 50p'
            2. collocations of words
              1. 'tissues and uncertainty'
                1. juxtaposes her as a mother and her own mother
          2. proper and concrete nouns
            1. 'Greengrocer George'
              1. personal connotations and links to childhood
              2. 'fishmonger'
                1. sense of solidarity
              3. collocations of words
                1. personal pronouns and negative adjectives
                  1. 'I'
                    1. highlights self blame
                    2. 'neglected' and 'awkwardness'
                      1. highlights self blame
                2. KEY IDEAS
                  1. changing relationships
                    1. sentiment/ nostalgia
                      1. memories
                      2. KEY THEMES
                        1. childhood
                          1. relationships / family
                            1. life and death
                            2. STRUCTURE
                              1. caesura
                                1. 'she brought her own; I never did
                                  1. creates a blunt tone --> shame
                                  2. repetition
                                    1. 'hankies; throughout
                                      1. highlights structured nature
                                      2. 'step-together' x3
                                        1. set rhythm
                                          1. formality of childhood
                                      3. SOUNDS
                                        1. half rhymes
                                          1. e.g. 'cloth' and 'shops'
                                            1. level of uncertainty
                                            2. onomatopoeia
                                              1. 'scrubbed'
                                                1. violent care
                                                2. 'scratchy'
                                                  1. negative attitude towards parenting
                                                3. rhyming triplet
                                                  1. 'disposable' 'material' 'will'
                                                    1. sense of closure
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