lexis and semantics

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lexis and semantics
1 DENOTATION: straightforward, objective meaning
2 CONNOTATION; associtaions. pos or neg. important in analysing texts as they convey feeling/ideas
3 figurative lang; METAPHOR is a comparison that describes a person, object or situation as if they were something else. SIMILE; uses like or as. PERSONFICATION, PATH FAL AND IMAGERY.
4 SEMANTIC FIELDS; group of words w/ associated meanings
5 HYPERNYM; general word that describes hyponyms.
6 SYNONYM; similar meaning - lexical choice influenced by (in)formality. antonyms - opposite to e/o
7 FORMAL LEXIS; serious and impersonal - more likely written than spoken. often complex and polysyllabic (not always)
8 INFORMAL LEXIS; relaxed and conversational, often simple and monosyllabic
9 AMBIGUOUS LANG; more than one possible meaning
10 IRONY; saying/writing the opposite of what is actually meant (similar to sarcasm)
11 DRAMATIC IRONY; s/t said in a play has a deeper meaning, understood by audience but not characters
12 PUN; play on words
13 OWYMORON; contradictory words/phrases bought together
14 EMOTIVE LANG; intended to produce emotive response
15 TABOO LANG; offensive, embarrassing or obscene

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