In Paris With You

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In Paris With You
1 Characterised by word play and a use of traditional forms of poetry such as ballads, sonnets and lyrics (words set to music).
2 Subject Matter
2.1 Writer's relationship has just ended and is not in Paris with someone else "I'm on the rebound"
2.2 Long term relationship has ended and the writer is enjoying a less serious meet up
2.3 Doesn't want to talk about the relationship that has ended, just wants to enjoy the moment and not visit places in Paris
3 Structure
3.1 Four stanza's with 5-6 lines, longer stanza in the middle with 9 lines - acting as a chorus (mood changes)
3.2 First half of the poem, lead up to the current situation
3.3 Second half of the poem, about enjoying the present
3.4 "I'm in Paris with you" repeated reflects writers insistent concentration on the present
3.5 The contrasting rhyme of "Elysees" and "sleazy" gives a comic effect.
4 Language
4.1 Emphatic negative "don't talk to me love" speaker has "had an earful" and wants to stop thinking about love.
4.2 Not a negative poem but one that celebrates the intimacy of love.
4.3 Only hear one persons side of the dialogue "Yes, I'm angry" and "am I embarrassing you?" - as if we are eavesdropping.
4.4 Informal, honest poem.Phrases such as "had an earful", "downed a drink or two", "say sod off to sodding Notre Dame" and "Doing this and that" make the poem down-to-earth.
5 Attitudes, themes and ideas
5.1 Surfacing a long term relationship. Enjoying the closeness without taking the responsibility about the future or past.
5.2 Rejects the traditional concerns for romance. The famous sights of Paris are unimportant to the writer. "Do you mind if we do not go to the Louvre, If we say sod off to sodding Notre Dame, If we skip the Champs Elysées"
5.3 Speaker concentrates on "sleazy/old hotel room" "cracks across the ceiling" "walls are peeling" feeling unique to narrators experience with someone
5.4 "I'm in Paris with the slightest thing you do" - being together is much more important than romantic locations
6 Comparison
6.1 Hour - relationship blossoming in ordinary places, concentrates on the present
6.2 Born Yesterday - rejects traditional romantic ideas
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