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1 Refraction is the bending of light rays when moving across a surface between two mediums
1.1 e.g water to air
1.2 or Air to glass
2 When light speeds up, the angle of refraction is larger than the angle of incidence. if the light slows down it is smaller
2.1 light speeds up when going through an object with more transparency
2.2 light slows down when going through an object with less transparency
2.3 Light goes faster in air than it does in water
3 As the light rays exit the material, it goes back to its normal speed, so it comes out at the same angle it went in at, but its target has changed.
4 Lasers can be used as a more definite light source
5 Next time you are in the bath,put a pencil half vertically into your bath, what happens?
5.1 Now try at different angles!
6 The difference in angles for different object is called a refractive index
6.1 Each object has its own, and we can use these to predict how much the angles will change
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