ICT and Learning


GCSE IT (Unit 1) Mind Map on ICT and Learning, created by Francesca Harper on 05/06/2017.
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ICT and Learning
  1. Online Tutorials
    1. use ICT for learning
      1. contains content to instruct students
        1. simulations allow students to see what happens in different situations
          1. animations help students understand how things work
            1. self-tests let students know how much they have learned
              1. Advantages
                1. + flexibility as to where and when students learn
                  1. + materials make use of multimedia
                    1. + materials can be accessed with lots of devices
                      1. + can learn in a car or running for example
                        1. + keeps students interested and motivated by a variety of activities
                          1. + students can work at their own pace
                            1. + computer won't judge you if you get things wrong
                            2. Disadvantages
                              1. - software is often complex and use a lot of animation and graphics - which makes it expensive
                                1. - students often need interaction with other classmates in order to work
                                  1. - can present students with an opportunity to take a break instead of work
                                    1. - hard for teachers to gage progress
                                      1. - lack of flexibility as humans can explain things in different ways
                                    2. Online Assessment
                                      1. Exams and tests performed online, with marks your work and gives you your results
                                        1. + results are obtained immediately
                                          1. + you can analyse what you did well in and what you did less well in, so you can target your revision
                                            1. + frees up teacher time, as there are no assessments to mark
                                              1. - danger of hackers accessing the system and changing the marks
                                                1. - reliance on equipment that may go wrong
                                                  1. - only suitable for certainty yes of questions because it would be difficult to get a computer to mark an essay
                                                  2. Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
                                                    1. student assessments
                                                      1. allows teachers to add their own content
                                                        1. allows teachers and students to communicate with each other
                                                          1. students can submit work electronically
                                                            1. teachers can mark and return work electronically
                                                              1. teachers can set homework tailored for different students
                                                                1. Advantages
                                                                  1. + students can access using any computers or portable device which will connect to the internet
                                                                    1. + learning can take place anytime - students not constricted to learning in a classroom/lessons
                                                                      1. + individualised learning
                                                                        1. + students can access themselves anytime - makes them feel more responsible
                                                                        2. Disadvantages
                                                                          1. - software is very expensive
                                                                            1. - danger of hackers altering reports and test marks
                                                                              1. - staff need a lot of training
                                                                                1. - entering content can be time consuming
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