Forces & Fields

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Just a diagram of different fields and forces :)

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Forces & Fields
1 Gravitational
1.1 Natural Force
1.2 Attraction between masses
1.3 Field points towards the mass
1.4 Long range force
1.6 Newton's Law of universal Gravitation
1.6.1 states that any two bodies in the universe attract each other with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.
1.7 Accounts for singular planets as well
2 Electrical
2.1 Electricity flow from positive to negative plate
2.2 Force between any 2 point charges
2.2.1 When like charges, fields from the points avoid each other
2.2.2 When unlike charges, the field flows from the positive to the negative point
2.3 Negative charges produce a flow in a particular direction
2.4 Right hand rule
2.4.1 Thumb is current
2.4.2 Fingers represent field lines
2.5 Strong Force
2.6 Coulombs Law
2.6.1 The charge between two objects is directly proportional to the force
2.6.2 The distance between two objects is inversely proportional to the force
2.9 Millikan's oil drop experiment
2.9.1 Determine charge of similar particles
2.9.2 Charging fields and testing oil samples
3 Magnetic
3.1 Direction of field from North to South plate
3.2 Right hand rule
3.3 Can exert forces on conductors
3.6 Units are "Teslas" named after Nikola Tesla
3.7 The Law of Magnetic Poles states that opposite magnetic poles attract and like magnetic poles repel.
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