An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls
1 Characters
1.1 Mr Briling
1.1.1 Owns the factory she works at. Eva and a group of people, go into his office and ask for a pay rise. Go on strike - Mr B fires her.
1.2 Mrs Birling
1.2.1 Goes to charity for help and is refused.
1.3 Shelia
1.3.1 Goes into a 'Milwards' - tries on a dress Get jealous and says if she doesn't get fired she'll never shop there again.
1.4 Gerald
1.4.1 Has an affair with her She falls in love with him
1.5 Eric
2 Themes
2.1 Social responsibility
2.2 Class
2.3 Gender
2.4 Age
3 Context
3.1 Set in 1912 - written in 1945
3.1.1 Social ideas when set Class division Women were treated badly Upper classes didn't want heirarchical change.
4 There are subtle hints that not is all as it seems. For example, Sheila wonders where Gerald was last summer, Eric is nervous about something, Lord and Lady Croft did not attend the engagement dinner. This arouses interest in the audience - we want to find out what is going on!
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