The Ottoman Empire

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Created by z.stoman over 5 years ago
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The Ottoman Empire
1 Rich and powerful Muslim state named after Osman famous sultan
2 1453 Ottomans conquer Constantinople and rename it Istanbul
3 Build a strong empire around
3.1 Turkey
3.2 Middle East
3.3 Eastern Europe
3.4 North Africa
3.5 Ruled over 25 million people
4 In 1400's Islamic world was more advanced in learning than Europe especially in the fields of : medicine, pharmacology, surgergy, mathematical science and astonomy
5 European exploration voyages of the 15th century would impossible without knwledge gained from the ARABS
6 The earliest Ottomans were Muslim warriors prepared to fight to the death against the Christian infidels
6.1 As the territory grew their zeal became less
6.2 What had began as a HOLY WAR became a struggle for land, slaves and plunder
7 The Christian failed to unite against the Ottomans :
7.1 Black Death had killed millions of Christians ans they were divided by their own rivalries
8 The empire was very tolerant , foreigners were treated well they were allowed to keep their religion and customs as long as they paid a slightly higher tax
8.1 Reasons for the Ottoman success : Strength of army, steel weapons, armour lighter but stonger.
8.1.1 Pride of the army : Jannisaries -handpicked from the Sultans slaves
8.1.2 Slaves were either captured or from the taxes on Christians To ensure loyalty they has to convert to Islam and were not allowed to marry or own property White head gear distinguished them
9 The empire depended on slavery
9.1 The sultans servants, army, ministers and civil servants were slaves
9.2 Girls slaves were chosen for beauty and intelligence once in the harem they may never leave

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