FM2- Section C Road Movie Revision


A mind map for students doing film studies, FM2- Section C on Road Movies. It includes Messages, values and context definitions, Genre signifiers for a Road Movie and two examples, 'Thelma & Louise' and 'Easy Rider'.
Faith Walton
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Faith Walton
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FM2- Section C Road Movie Revision
  1. Genre Signifiers for a Road Movie
    1. evolved from the western film genre
      1. Themes of freedom and escapism
        1. Substance to escape, e.g. alcohol or drugs etc.
          1. Lens Flairs and high angles
            1. A leader (more dominant character) within a friendship but the dominant characters can later shift
              1. Change in clothing
                1. Open road
                2. Context:
                  1. The circumstances that form:
                    1. the setting for an event,statement or idea and the terms in which it can be fully understood or assessed
                  2. Values:
                    1. The importance or preciousness of something
                    2. Messages:
                      1. A significant or central theme
                        1. Political, social, moral importance
                          1. (American Dream is not real)
                        2. Thelma and Louise (1991)
                          1. Context
                            1. 1986 sexual harrassment made illegal
                              1. Female Leaders- Thatcher
                                1. Change in the way women are viewed in cinemas
                                  1. Women's rights movement
                                  2. Values
                                    1. Females are in control
                                      1. Quest for personal freedom
                                        1. Female solidarity
                                          1. Creating a new identity
                                            1. The disintegration of the dream
                                            2. Messages
                                              1. Escapism
                                                1. Freedom from men
                                                  1. American Dream is an illusion
                                                    1. Patriarchal society
                                                      1. Change is gender roles
                                                        1. Patriarchal leadership portrayed negatively
                                                      2. Easy Rider (1969)
                                                        1. Context
                                                          1. Drugs illegal in America at the time
                                                            1. The hippy movement- peace, love, freedom
                                                              1. Civil rights movement- MLK- equality
                                                                1. Birth Control pill- women are more in control
                                                                2. Values
                                                                  1. Running from the past
                                                                    1. Quest for personal freedom; to be different.
                                                                      1. Creating a new identity
                                                                        1. Fantasies of adventure, (Financial, sexual,violent)
                                                                          1. Finding one's self or love for family
                                                                          2. Messages
                                                                            1. Inequality
                                                                              1. Drugs culture
                                                                                1. American dream - Failure/ rejection/ illusion
                                                                                  1. Rejection of American normalised culture
                                                                                    1. Disillusionment in 'America'
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