French Listening

Izzy Pearl (Student-SS)
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Izzy Pearl (Student-SS)
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Mind Map on French Listening, created by Izzy Pearl (Student-SS) on 05/18/2017.

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French Listening
1 Unit 4
2 Introducing people
2.1 je te présente mon..., ....
2.1.1 may I introduce my...., .....
2.2 Et voici mes deux sœurs, ... et ...
2.2.1 These are my two sisters, ... and ...
2.3 elle s'appelle
2.3.1 she is called
3 Talk about families
3.1 beau-père
3.1.1 stepfather/father in law
3.2 bébé
3.2.1 baby
3.3 belle-mère
3.3.1 stepmother/mother in law
3.4 cousin(e)
3.4.1 cousin
3.5 (demi-) frère
3.5.1 (half/step) brother
3.6 (demi) sœur
3.6.1 (half/step) sister
3.7 enfant
3.7.1 child
3.8 fille
3.8.1 daughter
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