ICT Btec

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ICT Btec
1 Online Services
1.1 Communication
1.1.1 Email, Social networks etc.
1.1.2 Exchange information
1.1.3 Instant responses, no additional cost
1.2 Real time information
1.2.1 Timetables, weather reports etc.
1.2.2 Checking the weather
1.2.3 Provides up to date info
1.3 Commerce
1.3.1 Banking, auctions
1.3.2 Amazon or ebay
1.3.3 Carry out transactions and global
1.4 Education
1.4.1 Online learning
1.4.2 Microsoft
1.4.3 Anywhere at your own speed
1.5 Government
1.5.1 Tax returns, e voting
1.5.2 Provisional licence
1.5.3 Transactions
1.6 Virtual learning environment
1.6.1 Moodle
1.6.2 Schools and lectures
1.6.3 Cost effective
1.7 Business
1.7.1 Video conferencing
1.7.2 Price comparison website
1.7.3 Allows you get best price
1.8 Entertainment
1.8.1 Games
1.8.2 Playing with others over the internet
1.8.3 Enhances game experience
1.9 Download services
1.9.1 Music, films
1.9.2 iTunes, Amazon
1.9.3 Easy and affordable
2 Online Advertising
2.1 Search engine results page
2.2 Banner and pop - ups
2.2.1 Appear on top of pages or pop up often animated
2.3 Email
2.3.1 Often seen as spam
2.4 Pay per click advertising
2.4.1 Paid for every ad clicked on
3 Online communications
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