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ELCE Issuse
  1. Ethical
    1. Until recently there were very few restrictions of copyright allowing people to pirate and steal data.
      1. New Regulations ensure that users cannot have their products stolen and used by other people but instead can sue the theif.
      2. Enviromental
        1. Cooling
          1. A grand amount of power is put into the cooling of servers all around the world.
            1. Around 500 MW of power are used on these server houses just to keep the room cool. With the combined power of the servers themselves a lot of power is used.
            2. Manufacturing
              1. A lot of money is put into manufacturing computer parts which also is bad for the environment because of the factories making the parts create fumes that damage the environment.
            3. Legal
              1. Data protection Laws
                1. Data Must be processed fairly
                  1. It can only be used for the purpose they have said it will
                    1. They should only hold data they actually need
                      1. Data must be accurate and up to date
                        1. Data must not be held longer that it is needed for
                          1. Data will be used in accordance with your rights
                            1. Data will be kept safe
                              1. Data will not be transferred to any country where they don't have similar laws
                              2. Sony
                                1. They broke laws of data protecting as their security was not up to date like it should have been so they had to go to court about the whole thing, this was originally found out because of the fact they got attacked and all data was stolen.
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