Hypertext Markup Language HTML

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Created by pathfinderjwp over 6 years ago
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Hypertext Markup Language HTML
1 Why is it important?
1.1 Common agreed standard and so will be shown correctly
1.1.1 Only by web browsers that conform to HTML standard
1.2 Uniform, lots of browsers us HTML and so can be accessed by many
2 Controls how the text on a web page will look and also the layout
3 Only the text is stored at the web address the images and pictures have to be fetched from the internet using URLs
3.1 They are downloaded and the shown, not part of the webpage.
4 Other embedded scripts can be run as part of the website such as Java Script
5 Multiple webpages can be eddited at once by using a CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This is very useful for editing the look of a whole website

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