edward VI and Mary I - changes to religion

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edward VI and Mary I - changes to religion
1 henry VIII and Cromwell came up with a process which resulted in england becoming protestant
2 1547 Henry died and Edward VI became king when he was nine
3 because Edward was so young senior nobles ran the country e.g Duke of Nottingham and Duke of Somerset
4 not everybody was agreeing with the religion changes
5 in 1553 Edward was dying of tuberculosis
5.1 therefore Mary (Catherine of Aragon's daughter) was heir to the throne
5.1.1 but to save Proteststantism duke of Northumberland tried to stop this Lady jane Grey became Queen for nine days she was 15 when she came to the throne She was Grandaughter of Henry VII's sister. in the end Mary protested and had Jane and her husband beheded
6 Mary I
6.1 Many people were delighted to see Mary as queen in 1553 but others weren't
6.2 Mary misunderstood her support for wanting to restore Catholic policies
6.2.1 This ended up in fights and if you were protestant you would be beheaded She started to have a bad reputation People started calling her Bloody Mary
6.3 she died in 1558
6.3.1 The celebrations for this were bigger than the ones for her succsession
7 Edward
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