Physical Skills


Year 9 Dance Mind Map on Physical Skills, created by Charlotte Coates on 05/23/2017.
Charlotte Coates
Mind Map by Charlotte Coates, updated more than 1 year ago
Charlotte Coates
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Physical Skills
  1. Balance
    1. A steady or held position achieved by an even distribution of weight
    2. Isolation
      1. An independent movement of part of the body
      2. Flexibility
        1. The range of movements in the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments
        2. Stamina
          1. Endurance - both muscular and cardio-respitory
          2. Posture
            1. The way the body is held
            2. Co-ordination
              1. The efficient combination of body parts
              2. Mobility
                1. The range of movement in a joint; the ability to move fluently from action to action
                2. Extension
                  1. Lengthening one or more muscles or limbs
                  2. Alignment
                    1. Correct placement of body parts in relation to each other
                    2. Control
                      1. The ability to start and stop movement; change direction and hold a shape efficiently
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