Text 22- A Modest Proposal

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Emily Joy
Created by Emily Joy over 6 years ago
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Text 22- A Modest Proposal
1 Contexts of production
1.1 A peice of Satire written by Jonathon Swift suring the 18th Century famine in ireland
1.2 Humorously puts forward the idea of cannibalism as a solution for the famin, suggesting also a mockery of the government and society of the time.
1.3 Draws attention to the nature of the rich and the English, who controlled Ireland during this period, and exploited the famine for their own gain
1.4 Purpose is to pursuade, social commentary, Rhetorical, Argumentative
1.5 Poor/Rich people in he 18th century and government/polititions
1.6 Draws attention to the pronlem in Ireland through the use of dark humour
1.7 Irish are generally roman catholics, meaning they have a lot of children
2 Form and Stucture
2.1 Prose essay form, full of unsound evidence to convince people of the merits of using children as food
2.2 Argument begins by calculating the number of children born each year in ireland, and points out that they are unfit for employment, therefore the population is a burdern to the state.
2.3 Moves onto the acutual proposal, concludes that children should be eaten
2.4 Writen from first person perspective, use of 'we' includes the reader, suggesting them to be a part of the government, persuding them to make a change.
3 Word Choice and grammar
3.1 Words from the lexical field of economics have been used, making the text seem legitimate and a political proposal
3.1.1 The statistics back up his arguement and he employs a rational tone
3.2 Text is written as though a political peice of writing, highlighted by the complex sentences are use of paragraphing. The syntax makes the text formal, as does the structuing.
3.3 No colloquial language is used, however shorter sentences are often used as a form of emphasis
3.4 'Humbly Propose' juxtaposes against actual idea
3.5 'male' and 'females'- back to savages
3.6 Lengthy complex sentences- intended to shock the audience as they are filled with detail
3.7 The food will be expensive- will suit landlords as they are the cause of the problem
3.7.1 'Devoured most of the parents' metaphorical reference
3.8 Archaic Language- 'hitherto' 'Repine'
3.9 Solution to the problem is extreme- intended to shock the audience into realising the seriousness of the problems in Ireland
4 Figurative Language
4.1 Dehumanisation- people often referred to as stock at the beinning of the text. Women are reffered to as breeders
4.2 Men and women from upper class can wear the chidlren- he blames them for the famine

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