Art as Expression

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Art as Expression
1 we value art for its expressive qualities - art must involve the expression of an emotion
1.1 art does not reflect the outer world but the inner world of the consciousness and the self
1.1.1 Jackson Pollock's The Enchanted Forest
2 Romantics
2.1 the purpose of the artist is to uncover his emotions and express them in art
3 it does not matter how accurately an artist responds to his surroundings
3.1 what matters is how the artist emotionally responds to their surroundings
3.1.1 Wallis' The Death of Chatterton expresses pain and suffering without the audience knowing who the subject is
4 the difference between art and a facial expression or a greetings card is that the work of art projects a highly subjective, individualised emotion that has been felt by the artist
5 Tolstoy
5.1 purpose of art is not to produce beauty, provide pleasure or communicate ideas, but to communicate feelings
5.1.1 for art to be successful the audience must receive the same emotional feelings as the artist. therefore value is placed in the hands of the audience reaction
5.2 the feelings expressed in art should be of a moral nature and enlighten us emotionally about the human condition
5.2.1 Religious art promotes harmony and understanding between human beings
5.3 art must be universally accessible
5.3.1 art such as Shakespeare's plays are purely about upper class love, power struggles etc. not relevant to majority of the audience Tolstoy rates Dickens much higher because he expresses universal emotions
5.4 we can understand and appreciate art without the need for knowledge of the history
5.5 Objections to Tolstoy
5.5.1 disregards a lot of art that is appreciated
5.5.2 considers some feelings superior to others feelings of a moral and religious nature are seen as more appropriate and valuable then feelings representing immorality Tracey Emin's art would be considered counterfeit
5.5.3 Kant argued that moral and aesthetic judgments should be completely differentiated
5.5.4 rates horror films because they invoke strong audience reaction
5.5.5 facial expresssions

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