Storage Types

Joshua Morgan
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Mind Map on Storage Types, created by Joshua Morgan on 05/15/2013.

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Joshua Morgan
Created by Joshua Morgan over 6 years ago
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Storage Types
1 Hard drive


  • stores the operating system software, application software and the user's documents and data files.
1.1 comes in a variety of sizes like 300GB and 1TB
1.2 quite cheap
1.3 stores and retrieves data quickly
1.4 they can fail and can be damaged leading to lost or corrupt data
1.5 not portable due to size, weight and internal location
2 Optical storage devices
2.1 can read and be written to by a laser
2.2 faster that a floppy disk but slower than hard drive
2.3 comes in different forms like DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, DVD-R and DVD-RW
2.4 used to store high definition videos and video games
2.5 lightweight and easy to carry around
2.6 cheap to produce
2.7 widespread compatibility
2.8 easily scratched and damaged
2.9 limited storage capacity
3 Magnetic Tape
3.1 external device for large files
3.2 used for offline, archival data storage
3.3 they can store over 800MB
3.4 they are cheap and give large capacity storage
3.5 sturdy and durable for long-term use
3.6 slow at reading and writing data
3.7 requires a tape streamer to read and write data
4 Memory sticks and card
4.1 they are used for storing and transferring files
4.2 they are connected to computers and devices via USB
4.3 small light and easy to carry around
4.4 large storage capacity for their size
4.5 very easy to break
4.6 data can be lost if you do not properly remove the device from the computer after saving
4.7 used for digital cameras and MP3 players

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