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Of Mice and Men Characters
"Lennie covered his face with his huge paws and bleated with terror. He cried, "Make 'um stop George
Libby Dallin
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Of Mice and Men Characters
Annalise Farrington
Of Mice and Men - How characters are portrayed
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Of Mice and Men.
"The next minute Curley was flopping like a fish on a line....
Libby Dallin
1 Appearance...
1.1 Opposite to George
1.1.1 'his opposite'
1.2 Big and strong
1.2.1 'a huge man shapeless of face, with large sloping shoulders.
1.2.2 'bult like an ox'
1.3 Animal looks
1.3.1 'dragging his feet a little, the way a bear drags his paws.'
2 Attitudes...
2.1 He is animalistic
2.1.1 'Snorting into the water like a horse'
2.2 Looks up to george
2.2.1 'Tell him George'
2.3 Lennie is childlike
2.3.1 'he's jes a kid' (slim)
2.4 He is innocent as he doesnt know how to behave.
2.4.1 He asks lots of inncoent questions
2.4.2 Slim says he can see immmediatly that Lennie 'aint mean'
3 Things he says...
3.1 'Tell me 'bout the rabbits, George
3.2 'Make um let me alone george'
3.3 'didn't wanta hurt him'
3.4 'she's purty'
4 What he does...
4.1 Befriends animals before people
4.1.1 His Aunt Clara gave him mice to play with
4.2 He always want to stroke soft things
4.2.1 e.g. lady in Weed's dress and Curley's wife's hair
4.3 He attacks Curley, Curley's wife, kills mice and throws the dead mouse on the floor in anger.
5 Relationships
5.1 George is a parent to him
5.1.1 He tells Lennie he'll make himself sick if he drinks from the stream too quickly.
5.2 He looks up to George
5.2.1 During fight scene he refuses to engage with Curley until george allows him to. Get 'im, Lennie!' 'Make um let me alone George'.

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