A View from the Bridge

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Created by sian.phillips over 5 years ago
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A View from the Bridge
1 Beatrice
1.1 Very likeable character
1.2 Loves Eddie
1.3 Only person who understands Eddie's love for Catherine
1.4 'Typical' wife
1.5 Loves Catherine like a daughter
1.6 Supports Catherine
1.6.1 Indepence
1.6.2 Rodolfo
1.7 No nonsense practical approach
1.7.1 'You can never have her Eddie!'
2 Eddie
3 Catherine
3.1 Loves Eddie and Rodolfo
3.1.1 Sides with Rodolfo in the fight Marries him against Eddie's wishes
3.1.2 Eddie as a father
3.2 Doesn't understand Eddie's love for her
3.3 Excited for the arrival of Marco and Rodolfo
3.3.1 Represent the world outside of the house
3.3.2 Attracted to Rodolfo immediately
3.4 Turns from a child to a woman
4 Rodolfo
4.1 Unlike the 'typical' italian
4.1.1 Blonde hair
4.2 Doesn't understand why Eddie doesn't like him
4.3 Not 'manly'
4.3.1 Sing
4.3.2 Cook
4.3.3 Dance
4.3.4 Sew
4.4 Attracted to Catherine immediately
4.5 More responsible then Marco
4.5.1 Tries a softer approach to dealing with problems
4.6 Apologises to Eddie at the wedding
5 Alfieri
6 Marco

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