Chapter 6 Mindmap - Networks

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Chapter 6 Mindmap - Networks
1 LAN (Local Area Network)
1.1 A LAN can be made up of multiple local networks. All of the local networks within a LAN are under one administrative control group. This group enforces the security and access control policies of the network. In this context, the word Local refers to local consistent control rather than being physically close to each other.
1.2 A LAN can be as small as a single local network installed in a home or small office.
2 WAN (Wide Area Network)
2.1 WAN connects multiple smaller networks such as LANs that are in geographically separated locations. The most common example of a WAN is the Internet.
3 WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)
3.1 A Wireless LAN is a Local Area Network that uses radio waves to transmit data between wireless devices.
3.2 On a WLAN you can share resources, such as files and printers, and access the Internet.
4 PAN (Personal Area Network)
4.1 A personal area network (PAN) is a network that connects devices, such as mice, keyboards, printers, smartphone, and tablets within the range of an individual person.
4.1.1 Bluetooth is a wireless technology that enables devices to communicate over short distances. A Bluetooth device can connect up to seven other Bluetooth devices.
5 MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
5.1 MAN spans across a large campus or a city. The network consists of various buildings interconnected through wireless or fiber optic backbones.
5.2 A MAN can act as a high-speed network to allow sharing of regional resources.
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