Art as Expression (cont.)


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Art as Expression (cont.)
  1. Croce
    1. less importance of the communication of feelings and more on what the artist is actually trying to express
      1. art is the expression of intuitions - basic sense-impressions combined with the artist's feelings and emotions
        1. we never look at the world objectively, we look at it subjectively and emotionally
          1. artists then re-create these experiences in their art
        2. Turner The Scarlet Sunset
        3. Collingwood
          1. artists consciously create art in order to achieve a conscious purpose: the expression of emotions
            1. art is essentially creative and imaginative
              1. creating art is a conscious process however Collingwood allows for the artist to incorporate unconscious feelings and emotions that may affect imaginatively the work of art
              2. art proper
                1. purpose is to express emotions not to entertain or convey a moral/political/social message
                  1. Bellini's The Dead Christ Supported by Angels
                    1. Sadler's Battle of Waterloo
                  2. horror films are not art proper since its only purpose is to arouse fear in the audience
                    1. aesthetic response to art is not based on the direct arousal of emotion
                      1. a poem we consider sad does not necessarily make us sad
                        1. Two in Campagna by Browning
                          1. the audience does not have to agree with the artist's beliefs or share in their emotions
                        2. Objections to Collingwood and Croce
                          1. disregards emotionless art concentrated on form and architecture
                            1. Gropius' Bauhaus building
                            2. disregard ready-made object art which does not incorporate the artist's imagination
                              1. Duchamp's The Fountain
                              2. they both view mental processes as more valuable than the physical object which is the art in itself
                                1. ignores the importance of skill
                                  1. if the true value of the art is in the mind of the artist this is inaccessible to the audience - undermines the value of art itself
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