Knowledge of the external world

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Knowledge of the external world
1 Direct Realism
1.1 the world is exactly as we perceive it
1.2 objects exist as we perceive them - there are no primary and secondary qualities
1.3 Issues
1.3.1 illusions for NDR
1.3.2 hallucinations for PDR
1.3.3 relative sense experiences
2 Representative Realism
2.1 there is a physical world, external to our perception, that we indirectly experience through our direct experience of sense data
2.1.1 able to overcome problems of DR whilst still maintaining the existence of a real world
2.2 the primary qualities of an object, which are measurable and independent of the perceiver induces the secondary qualities which are subjective to the perceiver
2.2.1 primary qualities: shape, size, solidity
2.2.2 secondary qualities: colour, smell, taste
2.3 Issues
2.3.1 variability/solidity
2.3.2 causality
2.3.3 resemblance
2.3.4 inseparability
2.4 support comes from the existence of time lags and appeals to the science of light waves
3 Idealism
3.1 physical objects do not exist in themselves and that objects are just bundles of sensations
3.2 All of our experiences are subjective
3.2.1 therefore 'esse set percipi'
3.3 God feeds us with coherent, logical sensations, which are the basis of what we call 'rules of nature'
3.4 Issues
3.4.1 we cannot experience God, therefore empirically he does not exist
3.4.2 common sense
3.4.3 solipsism
3.4.4 lack of proof either way
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