Evaporation & Condensation

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Evaporation & Condensation
1 Example of Evaportation: When you hang wet clothes onto a washing line, they will gradually dry off. This happens in a process called evaporation.
1.1 What is evaporation???


1.1.1 Evaporation is the process when water molecules escape from the surface of the water and enter the air. Definition of evaporation: Evaporation is when liquid turns to gas.


2 Example of Condensation: In a steamy bathroom, a mirror is often covered with a film of water. As there are lots of water molecules in the air, some of them hit the mirror, cool down and stay there. This is a process called condensation.
2.1 What is condensation???
2.1.1 Definition of condensation: Condensation is when a gas turns to a liquid.
3 Cooling by evaporation: what is it???
3.1 Example of Cooling by Evaporation: When you are at the doctor before an injection the nurse may 'numb' your skin so you don't feel any pain, by dabbing a liquid that evaporates easily onto your skin. The liquid will evaporate and your skin will feel to cold to feel pain.
3.1.1 How does it work: The coolinh by evaporation of a liquid is all down to the fast moving molecules escaping from the liquid.
4 There are ways of which we can increase the speed of these two processes.
4.1 Evaporation can be increased by:
4.1.1 1) Increasing the surface area of the liquid
4.1.2 2) Increasing the temperature of the liquid
4.1.3 3) Creating a draught of air across the liquids surface
4.2 Condensation can be increased by:
4.2.1 1) Increasing the surface area
4.2.2 2) Reducing the surface temperature
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