My Last Duchess


My Last Duchess poetry analysis
Willow Turner
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My Last Duchess
  1. "That's my last Duchess, painted on the wall,"
    1. Referring to fresco, a painting on fresh plaster. she can never be sold, bought or bartered. She's stuck with him forever.
    2. Hints at his possessive nature - "My"
      1. Based on the life a 16th Century Italian Duke. The narrator is Duke Alfonso II who ruled a place in northern Italy called Ferrera. The Duchess written about is Alfonso's 1st wife, Lucrecia de'Medici who died in 1561, age 17, under 'mysterious circumstances' - most likely poisoned.
        1. "Looking as if she were alive."
          1. Tells us she's dead as a backstop to the story.
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