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1 Porhyria's Lover
1.1 uniting power
1.1.1 'I, its love, am gained instead!'
1.1.2 'thus we sit together now/ And all night long we have not stirred'
1.2 women never really die
1.2.1 'I propped her head up as before'
2 My Last Duchess
2.1 women never really die/immortalised in art
2.1.1 'that's my last Duchess painted on the wall/ Looking as if she were alive'
2.1.2 'there she stands/ As if alive'
3 Bishop Orders his Tomb
3.1 importance of legacy
3.1.1 'and so, about this tomb of mine'
3.1.2 'did I say basalt for my slab, sons? Black -/ 'Twas ever antique-black I meant'
3.1.3 (promise of mistresses now he has St Praxed's ear )'that's if ye carve my epitaph aright'
3.2 immortalised in art
3.2.1 'I shall lie through centuries'
3.2.2 'I fold my arms.../Stretch my feet forth.../Let the bedclothes...drop/Into great laps and folds of sculptor's work'
4 Toccata of Galuppi's
4.1 nature of death
4.1.1 'Told them something? Those suspensions, those solutions - 'Must we die?'
4.1.2 "Life might last! We can but try!"
4.1.3 'Dust and ashes, dead and done with, Venice spent what Venice earned'
4.1.4 'the soul, doubtless, is immortal - where a soul can be discerned'
4.1.5 death personified 'Death stepped tacitly and took them where they never see the sun'
4.2 next life is for the cultivated
4.2.1 'mathematics are your pastime; souls shall rise in their degree'
4.2.2 'As for Venice and her people, merely born to bloom and drop'
4.2.3 'Dear dead women, with such hair too - what's become of all the gold'
5 A Grammarian's Funeral
5.1 next life is for the cultivated
5.1.1 'Actual life comes next? Patience a moment!'
5.1.2 'What's time? Leave now for dogs and apes!/ Man has forever'
5.1.3 'heaven's success/Found, or earth's failure'
5.1.4 'Leave him - still loftier than the world suspects/Living and dying'
6 Apparent Failure
6.1 immortalised in art
6.1.1 'the dead house where you show your drowned'
6.1.2 'so killed themselves: and now, enthroned'
6.2 next life
6.2.1 'their sin's atoned'
6.2.2 'after Last, returns the First' echoes Matthew 12:45
7 Prospice
7.1 nature of death
7.1.1 'Fear death?-- to feel the fog in my throat/The mist in my face'
7.1.2 'the strong man must go/For the journey is done'
7.1.3 'No! let me taste the whole of it, fare like my peers/The heroes of old'
7.2 death personified
7.2.1 'Where he stands, the Arch Fear in a visible form'
7.3 next life
7.3.1 'though a battle's a fight...the reward of it all'
7.3.2 'O thou soul of my soul! I shall clasp thee again'
8 Dubiety
8.1 women never really die
8.1.1 'let gauziness shade, not shroud.../Dim and not deaden'
8.1.2 'A dream? No dream, more real by much'
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