Heating and Insulating Buildings...

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Heating and Insulating Buildings...
1 Heat is lost: through the roof, through windows, through gaps around the door through the walls and through the floor
1.1 In the picture above heat is lost mainly through the windows and the roof.
1.1.1 How can we save the energy from the house? 1: Loft Insulation 2: Cavity Wall Insulation 3: Aluminium Foil behind radiators 4: Double Glazing 5: Draught Proofing
2 U - Values
2.1 What are U - Values?
2.1.1 U - Values tell us how much energy per second passes through different materials In short: They measure how good of an insulator materials are. The lower the U-value is, the better the material is as a heat insulator.
2.2 Which is the best insulator?
2.2.1 1) cavity wall has a U-value of 1.6 W/m²
2.2.2 2) solid brick wall has a U-value of 2.0 W/m²
2.2.3 3) double glazed window has a U-value of 2.8 W/m². Answer: 1 is the best and 3 is the worst
2.3 There is no equation you need to learn for U - Values
3 Reducing the Rate of Energy Transfers at Home
4 Solar Heating Panels
4.1 How do they work?
4.1.1 Solar Panels use energy from the sun to heat water. They are usually fitted on the roof of the house facing south.
4.2 Is solar heating free?
4.2.1 Solar heating panels do not use fuel to heat water but they are expensive to buy and install

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