Moving heat

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Created by libby.holgate over 6 years ago
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Moving heat
1 Conductors- transfer energy through them. ie. copper pan, stone floors.
2 Insulators- keep energy in. ie- wooly jumpers, cotton wool, loft insulation.
3 People are colder in the sea water because the water conducts the heat from the body
4 heat transfer
4.1 when two places are the same temperature there are no more heat transfers
4.2 Heat (thermal energy) always moves from hot places to cold places
5 convection
5.1 happens in liquid and gasses
5.1.1 when liquids/ gasses get hot they become less dense this makes them lighter than the surrounding liquid/ gas so the hot liquid/ gas rises. the cold liquid/ gas then sinks to take its place. this creates a convection current

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