Energy efficiency

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GCSE Physics Mind Map on Energy efficiency, created by libby.holgate on 05/16/2013.

Created by libby.holgate over 6 years ago
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Energy efficiency
1 Energy input = power(w) x time (s)
2 Calculating efficiency
2.1 to calculate efficiency we need to know the energy going in and the useful energy output
2.1.1 Efficiency= (useful energy/ Total energy input) x 100
3 power station efficiency
3.1 CHP- combined heat and power
3.1.1 45% of its energy is wasted in the cooling water. it is used to heat the local houses. the efficiency is up to 80%
3.2 CCGT- combined cycle gas turbines
3.2.1 new gas stations have been made more efficient by using CCGT. these use natural gas to power a jet engine which turns a generator. then they create steam with the exhaust gas to drive another generator. this method is up to 55% more efficient and can start up easily and quickly to anwer demands for electricity rises.

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