Acids and Alkalis

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Acids and Alkalis
1 Irritant
2 Corrosive
3 Neutralisation
3.1 Uses
3.1.1 Investigation tablets
3.1.2 Sting
3.1.3 Spills acids
3.2 Definition
3.2.1 When acids and alkalis react to form an neutralisation
4 Acids
4.1 Examples
4.1.1 Lemonade
4.1.2 Fizzy Drinks
4.1.3 Hydrochloric
4.1.4 Sulphuric
4.1.5 Nitric
5 Ph Scale
5.1 12345(acids)567(Neutral)8910(Alkalis)
5.2 Indicators
5.2.1 litmus paper
5.2.2 Red cabbage juice Crush (mortar, pettle and water Red = Acids
5.2.3 Universal Indicator strong acids: red weak acids: orange neutral: green weak alkalis: Blue strong alkalis: purple