periodic maintenance

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periodic maintenance
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1.1 ABC of engine and brakes, overhaul of the electrical system, oil change, alignment, balancing and rotation of tires are, among others, some of the basic maintenance work whose timely compliance guarantees the optimum operation of the automotive
2 The aesthetic part of the vehicles, both exterior and interior, which has its counterpart in the establishment of several so-called detail centers, where all surfaces of the vehicle receive a comprehensive treatment for preventive and corrective purposes.
3 A good review every 3 or 4 weeks will suffice, for our vehicle to consume less, go better, and be more durable
4 Observe the physical condition and recognize the engine parts. Checking liquids Antifreeze liquid:
4.1 * .- Antifreeze liquid: It is imperative to observe that the amount of liquid is between the maximum and the minimum of the container. He is in charge of cooling the engine.
4.2 - Brake fluid: It is very important to observe that it is at the right level. (This level is indicated on the container).
4.3 - Steering fluid: This liquid is incorporated in all cars with power steering, the container is usually small and the liquid is black (usually). If you see that it is not at the right level, just fill in.
5 Wipers: This is the least important of all, but also important, since a bad vision can affect our driving negatively. These liquids are very cheap, just fill in and check their operation.
6 Air filter cleaning: The air filter is one of the simplest things to clean or change, just find the air intake to the engine and follow the tube until you find the box, where the filter is. Shaking and cleaning it with a compressor will suffice, although blowing can also be clean.
7 - Check the battery: The condition of the battery is the most important for starting a vehicle. If your car is difficult for you to boot, it is probably due to the malfunction of the battery. One tip, before turning off the engine, once parked the vehicle, keep all electronic equipment off, for about ten seconds. So the battery will pick up some clean load from the alternator, to get power at the next start. It is checked by a red, green or yellow light. In the battery itself come the different colors and loads.
8 Check the oil: The most important of the engine. The engine has a yellow rod (normally), with which the oil level is measured. If we remove the rod completely, clean it with a dry cloth, put it back and remove it, we will see the current oil level of the vehicle. If it is low it must be filled by the engine cap, never through the area of ​​the rod. If there is a loss, we should be concerned about the state of the engine, as it could leak. algo mas ?
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