Un Sac de Billes general stuff

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Created by jdfr10 over 5 years ago
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Un Sac de Billes general stuff
1 Writers aims
1.1 destiné à ses enfants
1.1.1 witness-show war was absurd
1.1.2 communicate values courage
1.2 Exorcise guilt
1.3 Thanks to the Hommage aux Justes
1.4 himself 'cathartique'-Psychological
1.5 destiné à tous les enfants francophones
1.5.1 show that hating someone for their race is absurd
2 Structure
2.1 hope vs. fear
2.2 governed by chronological events (to a point)
3 language
3.1 1940's language
3.2 fairytale language
3.2.1 lots of references to fairytales normal for a child serves to make book appealing to children
3.3 humour
3.3.1 humanity like the characters reader on their side
3.3.2 contrast with the evil going on heightens the evil
3.3.3 defence mechanism protests against horror
3.3.4 alleviate tension
4 Symbolism
4.1 marbles
4.1.1 represent innocence
4.2 "musette"
4.2.1 used every time he flees associated with evil will they stay in attic or will antisemitism rise again
4.3 journey
4.3.1 physical
4.3.2 metaphorical child into adult soft to hard
4.4 hunting
4.4.1 father flees Pogroms Jo uses it to talk about why Jo is persecuted
5 Circularity
5.1 His journey is circular
5.2 rebirth
5.3 final train journey to Paris
6 Tone
6.1 ordinary church priest did not wait for church leaders to help save Jewish children
6.2 optimism
6.2.1 ordinary people having capacity for goodness- food, warmth and shelter
6.3 pessimism
6.3.1 Jo struggles with idea that people can hate/persecute
6.3.2 ordinary people have capacity for evil
7 Narrator
7.1 adult
7.1.1 steps out of recalling story and talks directly to reader
7.2 book swings between 2 narrators
7.2.1 bit rollercoaster-like like boy's life
7.3 child
7.3.1 seen in syntax present tense reliving events shifts to past tense sometimes

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