Books of prime entry, double entry and ledger accounts

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Books of prime entry, double entry and ledger accounts
1 Sales day book
1.1 General ledger
1.1.1 Sales ledger control account
1.1.2 Sales account
1.1.3 VAT account
1.2 Sales ledger
1.2.1 Receivables accounts (customers)
2 Sales returns day book
2.1 General ledger
2.1.1 Sales returns account
2.1.2 VAT account
2.1.3 Sales ledger control account
2.2 Sales ledger
2.2.1 Receivables accounts (customers)
3 Purchases day book
3.1 General ledger
3.1.1 Purchases account
3.1.2 VAT account
3.1.3 Purchases ledger control account
3.2 Purchases ledger
3.2.1 Payables accounts (suppliers)
4 Purchases returns day book
4.1 General ledger
4.1.1 Purchases ledger control account
4.1.2 Purchases returns account
4.1.3 VAT account
4.2 Purchases ledger
4.2.1 Payables accounts (suppliers)
5 Cash book
5.1 Cash book receipts
5.1.1 Sales receipts
5.1.2 Sales invoices
5.1.3 Remittance advice notes
5.1.4 Debit / credit card receipts
5.1.5 Paying in slip
5.1.6 Counterfoils
5.1.7 BACS receipts
5.1.8 Bank statements
5.1.9 General ledger Bank deposit Bank loan account Capital account Discounts received amount ( total from credit side) Income received amounts Sales ledger control account VAT account
5.1.10 Sales ledger Customers memorandum accounts ( Money received, discount allowed)
5.2 Cash book payments
5.2.1 Purchase receipts
5.2.2 Purchase invoives
5.2.3 Cheque counterfoils
5.2.4 Debit / credit card payments
5.2.5 Standing orders
5.2.6 Direct debits
5.2.7 Bank charges and interest
5.2.8 BACS payments
5.2.9 Bank statements
5.2.10 General ledger Bank deposit account Bank loan account Discount allowed (total from debit side) Drawings account Non-current asset account Purchases ledger control account VAT account
5.2.11 Purchase ledger Supplier memorandum accounts (money paid, discounts received)
5.3 General ledger only use if solely a book of prime entry
5.3.1 Bank control account Total of bank receipts Balance b/d Balance c/d Total of bank payments
6 Petty cash book
6.1 General ledger
6.1.1 Purchases ledger control account
6.1.2 VAT account
6.1.3 Appropriate expenses account Postage account Stationery account Travel expenses account
6.1.4 Petty cash book payments column (Receipts)
6.2 Purchases ledger
6.2.1 Payables memorandum accounts (supplier)
6.3 General ledger only used if solely a book of prime entry
6.3.1 Petty cash book control account Total receipts (write individually) Total of payment figures added up
7 Key
7.1 Yellow is books of prime entry
7.1.1 Purple are the ledgers Blue means it's on the credit Red means it's on the debit Orange means only use it if it's solely a book of prime entry

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