magnets and electromagnets

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magnets and electromagnets
1 bar magnets
1.1 permanent magnets
1.2 magnets are made from magnetic material.these are metals that can be magnetised or will be attracted to a magnet.most materials are not magnetic,but iron,cobalt,nickel and steel are.
1.3 attract and repel
1.3.1 if you bring 2 magnets together 2 things can happen-attract or repel.
2 magnetic fields
2.1 magnets create magnetic fields.these cant be seen.they fill the space around a magnet where the magnetic forces work,where they can attract or repel
2.2 although we cannot see them,we can detect them with iron filings.the tiny pieces of iron line up in a magnetic field.
3 electromagnets
3.1 when an electric current flows in a wire it creates a magnetic field around the winding the wire into a coil we can srengthen the magnetic field.electrommagnets are made from coils like this.we can strengthen the electromagnet wrapping the coil around a iron core.-adding more turns to the coil.-increasing the current.
3.2 magnetic field
3.2.1 the magnetic field of an electromagnet is like a bar magnet one however it can change direction
3.2.2 unlike bar magnets that are permanent magnets,electromagnets can be turned o and off by closing or opening the switch.
4 electric bells
4.1 electric bells have an electromagnet.
4.1.1 1)the current flows through the circuit,the electromagnet makes a magnetic field. 2)electromagnet attracts the springly metal arm. 3)the arm hits the gong,which makes a sound. 4)the circuit is broken.the arm is out of position. 5)electromagnet turned off and the springly metal arm moves back. 6) the circuit is complete again.