Hitler's Vision and Mein Kampf

Andrew Burke
Mind Map by , created almost 2 years ago

Part of our series of Germany between the wars, this mind map sets out the main points of Adolf Hitler political vision that he set out in his book Mein Kampf. The ideas presented in Hitlers Mein Kampf were to come to fruition with devastating effects over the next 20 years.

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Andrew Burke
Created by Andrew Burke almost 2 years ago
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Hitler's Vision and Mein Kampf
1 The Führer
1.1 Strength lay in total loyalty to the leader (The Führer)
1.2 Debate and discussion produced democratic weakness
2 National Socialism
2.1 Loyalty to Germany
2.2 Racial purity and equality
2.3 State control of the economy
2.4 Propaganda would win Germans over to Nazi ways of thinking
3 Lebensraum (living space)
3.1 Germany needed to expand its territory
3.2 Mainly at the expense of Russia and Poland
4 Racial Purity
4.1 Aryans (white Europeans) were the 'master race'
4.1.1 Aryan people would get the best jobs and be encouraged to have children
4.2 All other races - especially the Jews - were inferior
4.3 Homosexuals, the mentally ill, and the physically disabled should be imprisoned or killed
5 Armed Force
5.1 War and struggle essential part of healthy development of the Aryan race
5.2 Nazis would destroy the USSR and communism
5.3 Armed forces would be built up
6 Economic Strength
6.1 Build up German industries for war
6.2 Nazis would get the unemployed working
6.3 Make Germany an autarky (a country which is economically independent or self-sufficient)
7 National Community
7.1 All Germans would out the needs of the state above everything else

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