Civil Rights in America

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Civil Rights in America
1 Bus Boy Cot
1.1 Rosa parks refused to give up her seat on the bus which lead to her being arrested.
1.1.1 Martin Luther king saw this and took action by telling all the black people to not use the buses they used car pools and walked most of the time. The buses were losing too much money which meant they had to stop the segregation on the buses
2 Black Power
2.1 lead by Malcom x
2.2 There aims were to use force to solve equailtiy
3 Brown vs Topeka
3.1 A Pupil called Linda Brown needed to walk miles to get to a school for blacks because the white school, which was right next to her house, would not let her in.
3.1.1 Brown went to the NAACP for help and they took them to court which then lead to all segregation of schools illegal. However many southern schools ignored this and segregation continued to happen.
4 Freedom Riders
4.1 A bus ride from the north to the south which contained both whites and blacks to promote equality.
4.1.1 But the ride was attacked several times in the south and did not reach its destination due to the bus being set on fire. This was shown all over america and the world which therefore equality became more popular.
5 Little Rock High School
5.1 It tested the de-segregation in schools
5.1.1 Nine black children tried to enter the school but got stopped by state troops. The President forced them to retreat however this caused a violent mob to happen around the school therefore the president sent 200 troops to protect the students for a year. This showed there was great support for the civil rights campaign and the president was willing to get involved.
6 Sit-ins
6.1 Way of peaceful protest
6.2 Caused violence and this was caught on the media and television which was then shown all over america and the world. This created support for the civil rights campaign.
7 Birmingham March
7.1 One of the most racist towns in america, closed all of its parks,swimming pools and other areas to avoid de-segregation.
7.2 A peace march was set up to stop this which contained sit-ins and other peaceful protests, but chief of police Bull Connor organised attacks and ordered police dogs and fire hoses to stop them.
7.2.1 This was shown through the media and the president had to get involved to stop this, this also lead to the the civil rights bill.
8 Washington Peace March
8.1 A massive peace march lead by MLK containing 250,000 people including 60,000 white people
8.1.1 This is were MLK told his "I have a dream speech"
9 The Voting Rights Act
9.1 This was an act which meant that segregation was illegal for the voting system.
9.1.1 However because of lack of education meant that most black people failed there maths and english tests which was a requirement before the voting.

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