Pythagorus Therom

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Created by mollyhunloke over 6 years ago
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Pythagorus Therom
1 Hypotenuse
1.1 The longest edge of a right angled triangle
2 The two other edges are the same as the hypotunuse
2.1 When they are added up together
2.2 e.g A=short, B=short and C=hypotenuse. A+B=C
3 Sides of the triangle are called Hypotenuse (biggest side), Adjacent (bottom side) and opposite ( opposite to the Hypotnenuse)
3.1 SIN= Opposite over Hypotnuse
3.2 COS=Adjacent over Hypotenuse
3.3 TAN=Opposite over Adjacent
4 Pythagorus Therom describes the important relationship between the lengths of the right-angled triangle
4.1 It was descovered by a greek mathermation

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